PSU CS Department Diversity Data

Here are some charts and numbers regarding diversity in the Computer Science department at Portland State University

PSU undergraduate degrees awarded, All majors

Undergraduate degrees awarded nationally, All majors (2016-2017)

PSU undergrad Computer Science degrees awarded (2016-2017)

Undergrad CS degrees awarded nationally (2016-2017)

Comparing Gender Breakdown by Program Level

Comparing PSU CS department with National Retention Rates (2017-2018)

PSU CS department retention by Legal Sex (2017-2018)

PSU CS department retention by Legal Sex (2017-2018)

Portland State Freshman Retention, All Majors (2014-2017)

Portland State Freshman Retention, CS Majors (2014-2017)

PSU Entering Freshman Retention, Male CS Students

PSU Entering Freshman Retention, Female CS Students

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